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Andrei Macsin posted a blog post
What are the differences between data science, data mining, machine learning, statistics, operations research, and so on?
Here I compare several analytic disciplines that overlap, to explain the differences and common denominators. Sometimes differe…
Mar 24, 2017
Andrei Macsin posted a blog post
Guest blog post by Vincent Granville
This could be a new startup idea: creating an Excel-compatible software, working just like Excel, but able to handle bigger datasets, much faster.
Like most data scientists, I've been using Excel a lot in my care…
Feb 15, 2015
Andrei Macsin posted a discussion
Guest forum post by Jiri Kubasek
(Huge parallel performance of the graphical units for numerical operations)
Do you have any experience with a parallel hardware acceleration of computing? Is actual to think about graphical cards as a tool improving…
Feb 12, 2015
Andrei Macsin posted a blog post
Guest blog post by Khosrow Hassibi

Technical Title: High-Performance Data Mining and Big Data Analytics
Business Title: The Story of Insight From Big Data
Book Site:
Table of Contents: Link, PDF
Orders (not yet availa…
Feb 12, 2015
Andrei Macsin posted a blog post
Guest blog post by Michael Walker

High Performance Computing (HPC) plus data science allows public and private organizations get actionable, valuable intelligence from massive volumes of data and use predictive and prescriptive analytics to make…
Feb 9, 2015

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